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    Over the past few days, several users have reported finding unknown devices in the Windows 8 Device Manager. Unknown devices appear in the Windows Device Manager when Windows is unable to identify the appropriate hardware and at the same time provide a driver. An unknown device is not necessarily unknown – it won’t work properly until you install the correct driver. Windows can detect most devices and automatically obtain a driver for them.

    Windows Device Manager is essentially a weapon that allows you to identify all connected hardware or a specific part of your computer. It’s probably useful for a number of important things, from managing drivers, whether it’s updating or rolling them back, and even uninstalling them, enabling and disabling certain devices you need, no matter the time.

    However, a strange situation occurs when an unknown device appears in Device Manager. This will be a device that Windows cannot identify and therefore cannot find a driver for. In each of our cases, this method will render your device unusable. You can do that. You can tell that a device has been marked as Unknown by the yellow exclamation mark.before it clearly has something to do with the title.

    unknown devices in device manager windows 8

    Fortunately, if you find yourself in a situation where you have a real device that Windows does not want to identify, there is a way to manually find the most important driver and install it yourself. After that, you can use the device for its intended purpose.

    Find A Device Driver With This Hardware ID

    How do I fix unknown device in Device Manager?

    FIX unknown device drivers with Windows Update openDevice Manager and navigate to the desired device on your device. Typically, it will be listed as an unknown device under the Other Devices node to expand the section. Right-click on the unknown device and select Update Driver.

    1. Open Device Manager by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or by typing device manager and then open the full result. You will be presented with a perfect list of devices connected to your system and you will see an unknown device with a straw yellow exclamation mark.

  • Once you find the device, right-click it and select Properties from the drop-down menu. When the person window opens, go to this “Details” tab. Select Hardware IDs from the Hand Properties menu.
  • First value must be Kindle hardware. What you need to do is accept the ID, copy it and look it up on the web. Hardware IDused by all manufacturer’s products to be able to identify your device in the hardware underworld and hence you can also use it to do amazing things. You must have the correct device and the correct manufacturer as a good reliable search result. The driver for your operating system is available from the current manufacturer’s download website.
  • After frequently downloading the main drivers in the download file, locate and provide the installation file. After creating the wizard, restart the system installation for the changes to take effect. Your tool should be fully functional and will no longer appear in the list of unknown devices these days.
  • The unknown device shown in Device Manager may surprise you, but it’s certainly more than Windows not recognizing the device a. This can sometimes be fixed with a simple reboot in many cases, but it’s best to install the drivers yourself as this ensures that the client will no longersend an error. Just follow the steps above and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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