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You should read these email account setup troubleshooting methods for Outlook Express error code.

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    Set up Outlook Express On the Mail Server Names page of this Internet Connection Wizard, verify that the replica of the incoming mail server is simply “POP3”. In the incoming mail server market, enter

    How Can I Manage Outlook And Outlook Express For Some Of My Email Accounts?

    How do I setup an email account in Outlook Express?

    Open Outlook Express.On the Tools menu, click Accounts.In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click Add and select Mail.The Internet Connection Wizard opens; Enter your name and click Next.Enter your email address, then click Next.

    The following article explains the easiest way to download email from your personal account using Microsoft Outlook or Express Outlook.


    1. In Go Outlook, go to the Tools menu and click Email Accounts.
    2. Select “Add a new account email” and click “Next”.
    3. Select POP3, then click Next. your
    4. Enter your email details:
      Your name: Your name
      Email address: email address from which messages will be sent
      Incoming mail server (POP3):
      Outgoing mail forum (SMTP):
      Username: A summary of the email address used to sign in to the messaging interface
      Password: The password for the address to which the email is to be sent
    5. Click Advanced Settings and select the Outgoing Server tab.
    6. Enable My exclusive server requires authentication (smtp).
    7. Select Use fine settings as incoming mail server.
    8. Click OK. Click”Next” button. Click “Finish”.

    OutlookOutlook Express

    1. Access toolbox in Express. Click Accounts…
    2. The mark will appear. Click “Add” and select “Email”.
    3. Enter the mention the way you want it to appear in your emails and click Next.
    4. Enter your email address received from the user you specified in Webmail and above, then click Next.
    5. Set the server type to almost POP3.
    6. For incoming and outgoing email providers, enter (where is your custom domain name and the extension is .com, like here).
    7. Click Next.
    8. Enter your email address as the account name. Enter all the passwords you have set for this valuable account.
      Note. DO NOT enable the widely used option “Secure connection using password authentication”.
    9. Click Next, then click Finish. After you actually click “Finish”, you should see the following window. If No, go to the “Tools” menu and click on “Accounts”. After clicking on “Accounts”, a window will open. In this window, simply click on your domain until it is highlighted and then click Properties.
    10. When the following screen appears, click on your server’s tab. In the “Outgoing Server” section, check the “My server requires authentication” box. Click OK. Note. You MUST do this in order to send email from our domain. You
    11. You are now ready to send and receive emails. Repeat these steps to set up one or more accounts.

    set up e mail account in outlook express

    This guide shows you how to set up half a dozen Microsoft Outlook Express for email. This tutorial focuses on activating Microsoft Outlook Express 6, but these types of settings are similar to other versions of Microsoft Express® Outlook. You can easily customize older versions of Microsoft Outlook Express using the fixes described in this guide.

    How to set up an email account in Microsoft Outlook Express

    1. At Microsoft Outlook Express select “Accounts” from the “Tools” menu.
    2. Go to this Mail tab and select Mail from the Add menu.
    3. In the Display Name field, be sure to enter the full name of any user, click Next.
    4. In the Personal Email Address field, enter your email address, select, and click Next.
    5. Enter information on the Mail Server Names page as follows:
    6. My incoming mail server may be named

      POP3 or IMAP.

      Incoming mail hosting (POP3, IMAP or HTTP)

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