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If you have seen how to reset your Windows 7 password, the following guide will help you.

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    It is well known that every PC is made up of operating system functions. Nowadays, many users use a password for their PC to protect their data from strangers. While this excellent password provides good security, forgetting the password often results in a problematic situation convenient for the owner.

    Most of those who are connected with us do not know how to reset the password in Windows 7 without logging in. Unfortunately, some of us are not aware of this. Luckily, there are other ways to reset your password, and people are pretty easy too.

    How To Reset Windows 7 Password Without Resetting Hard Drive?

    Can you reset a computer if you forgot the password?

    While holding down the Shift key, click the power button in the lower right corner of the Windows login screen and select Restart. When the Choose an Option screen appears, click Troubleshoot and then Reset this PC.

    If you’ve forgotten your Windows password and don’t have a rebuild disk, you can try guessing the password a few times first. If you find yourself unable to aim with any of the followingThere are no ways.

    Only One Method: How To Reset Windows 7 Login Password Using Command Prompt?

    Windows comes with a built-in administrator account. You can easily reset your preferred Windows 7 login password with a prompt.

    Step 1: Start your computer. Wait until the window for selecting additional boot options appears, do not release the f8 key for the window to appear. You can access the arrow keys and select safely in command line mode. Press Enter.2:

    Step Check the login screen. The reverse administrator account should appear. Log in here and you will have access to the command line.

    Step 3: Run the following command. Now you can easily reset your password completely.

    Note, however, that this method only works if you find that the hidden administrator account is still enabled. A

    For Example, Windows 7 Password Reset Without Software Or USB/CD/DVD Bootable Media.

    Method 2: How To ResetReset Windows Password Using A Windows Disk?

    First you need a complete copy of your hard drive created by Windows 7. Then follow the instructions below-

    reset password in windows 7

    Step 4: Check your connected recovery tools. Select Command Prompt.

    Complete a few steps. If you haven’t already installed Windows on drive C, change the name of C to . Otherwise, leave C. Then paste the following commands one by one. Press Enter after almost every paste command.

    You didn't install Windows on your C drive, change the runtime name to C

    Step 7: On Windows, when login screen 7 is displayed, press the Shift key five times.

    Step 8. You will be prompted for admin mode. Enter the username information for the user. Replace your username and desired Windows username and password with your personal details.

    Step 9: Close the command prompt. Use the current new password to login.

    Method 2: How To Reset Windows 7 Password Using Utilityare You Chntpw?

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open ASR Pro and click the "Scan" button
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  • Chntpw is a completely free utility for Linux. It can convert Windows 7 user account password. Follow the instructions carefully —

    Step 1. Get a copy of Chntpw from most official Linux websites. Use ISO2Disc – burn a USB stick.

    Step 2: Use your boot disk and start your computer.

    Sequence of steps: open a window terminal. Download Chntpw by running the following command.

    Step 6. Open the Windows partition. Notice the DVD ID in the title bar of Nautilus.

    Now you will almost certainly get a list of all the consumers of this system. Enter 1 to clear the user’s password.

    Method 4: How To Reset Windows 7 Password Using PCUnlocker

    reset password in windows 7

    If you’re new to using DOS or Linux instructions, using PCUnlocker is your best bet for resettingforgotten Windows password. It is a bootable medium. This allows you to bypass or completely reset forgotten passwords.

    Step 1. In this step, you need to download the PCUnlocker self-extracting Zipper policy.

    Step 3: Boot your locked PC using this one-time bootable USB drive.

    Step 4: The PCUnlocker service will open. Select the appropriate user account from the list. Click Reset Password.

    Step The selected trading account will now be unlocked. Reboot your workstation. You can now log in without a password.

    Method 5: How To Reset Windows 7 Password Using Backdoor Trick?

    If your PC does not have a CD-ROM drive, it will not support booting from USB. In this case, there is the latest backdoor that is sold to reset a forgotten password only in Windows 7.

    Step 1: Turn the computer over. Press and hold the power button while turning on to turn off the computer.2:

    Step Turn on your computer again. Visit the Post Recovery Blog Windows errors. Select Start Repair at Startup.

    Step 3. The download of the recovery will now begin. You will then be prompted to restore your PC. Click Cancel.

    Step 4. When scanning is complete, a dialog box will appear. Click Show problem details.

    Step 5. Now a detailed description of the new one will appear. Scroll down to find the latest link.

    Step 6. Now you need to review the data protection declaration using notepad. Click File > Open.

    Step 7: The Open File dialog box will appear. Choose a file type for almost any file. Navigate to C:windowssystem32sethc.exe. Rename Sethc to accept any name.

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