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Here are some easy steps to help you fix pcsx BIOS files problem on Mac.

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    Cthere are no problems with emulators, and I learned this the hard way. I was recently trying to download a PlayStation emulator, specifically PCSX Reloaded, on my husband and my iMac running OS X Lion, and I thought if you wanted a 10 minute task turned into a day trip, exact time as I had to search various forums and torrent sites for the correct instructions and required plugins.

    After trial and error, I finally got PCSX Reloaded to work on my iMac. Of course, it was a long and arduous process, and knowing that I wouldn’t be a previous Mac user trying to sign up for this confusing app, I took it upon myself to create a dedicated step-by-step guide to provide instructions. on how to build it still works in the latest version of OS X.

    I absolutely preferred to keep this guide as simple as possible, but if you get confused, just leave a question or comment below.

    NOTE. Be sure to install “PCSX Reloaded” and NOT “PCSX” as the latest version is for Mac PowerPC. “PCSX Reloaded” was specially designed For Mac computers with an Intel processor.1

    Part – Downloading And Installing PCSX Reloaded

    Does PCSX work on Mac?

    Playstation emulator for Mac Based on Linux, PCSX is an emulator of the first PlayStation games that invites you to use the CDs of the legendary Sony console on Mac OS X.

    If the site link doesn’t work, visit and click

    Unzip the file and drag “PCSX” into your Applications folder. Open PCSX and reboot. A dialog box should appear warning you that the BIOS file was not found. We will continue this later. Find “OK” and close PCSX Reloaded. Done, just install PCSX Reloaded on any Mac!

    PART 2. BIOS Setup

    After installing PCSX Reloaded, you will need to download and install the BIOS files. Encoded bios are files that allow a specific emulator to work. Without a BIOS, PCSX music is useless.

    Do you need a BIOS for PCSX?

    After installing PCSX Reloaded, you will need to download and install the BIOS files. Bios are randomly encrypted files that allow the entire emulator to work. Without bios information, PCSX Reloaded is useless.

    Directly download all BIOS files generated from this link: Playstation Bios

    If the URL doesn’t work, visit http://www and click Playstation Bios Files. zip’.

    pcsx bios files mac

    After unpacking and downloading the BIOS file, upload the file. “SCPH1001.BIN” should now appear in the main folder along with the rest of the .BIN files.

    PART 3: Access Your Precious Mac Directory

    Note. Library. If you already have access to your Mac’s library database, skip this part and go to PART 4.

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  • 2. Open ASR Pro and click the "Scan" button
  • 3. Click the "Restore" button to start the restoration process

  • The second of all steps is to move the Bios files to a folder created around the library directory, but a number of online instructions don’t mention that OS X Lion should use this library directory. Hides the directory and prevents the user from opening it via the GUI.

    If you haven’t opened it yet, PCSX Reloaded for the first time. After the following opens, a dialog will appear explaining that the BIOS files cannot be found. Select OK and close PCSX Reloaded.

    As you can see, when you open PCSX for the first time, a number of necessary folders are automatically created in the library to house the BIOS files.

    There are two different ways to access the library directory. One is on the market to temporarily open it from the Finder (method A) and the other is to show it permanently with a trusted command line from the terminal (method B). I will walk you through both methods, but I recommend that you keep an eye on them as you will need constant access to the game opened in PCSX Reloaded.

    How do I run PCSX on Mac?

    Playing PCSX via file Just go to “File” in the menu bar and choose “Run ISO” (or “Run CD” if you’re playing on PCSX). The Eyeport browser will appear, find PlayStation Launch, select it and click Open. The game should work. ** If you are definitely using PCSX, open the cdrmooby PCSX Plugin folder, copy the cdrmooby.

    >Method A: Press Command+Shift+G on a personal Mac (or Finder Go > Go > to Folder) and type ~/Library to temporarily get the library directory in the Finder. When you’re done, close the window and nothing will be visible.

    >Method B: Launch Terminal from Spotlight or Launchpad> And utilities, enter the following command to show or hide the directory: chflags nohiddien ~/Library/

    pcsx bios files mac

    Your library will now remain permanently in your user directory.

    PART 4: Drag The BIOS Files Directly To The Library Directory

    Now that the person needs to navigate to your library directory website, it’s time to put most of the BIOS files in the correct folder.

    Copy the BIOS files you downloaded earlier and place them in the destination folder: Library/Application Support/PCSX/Bios

    Remember what the experts say, these folders only appear in your library directory the first time you open and close PCSX Reloaded.

    PART 5: Configuring PCSX Plugins

    How do I get ePSXe BIOS?

    Once the files are unzipped and whether they are in zip/7z or rar format, click on the “Run Bios” button. ePSXe Boot Time scans your files to find the path they were saved to and automatically adjusts the path in settings. If finding bios is happiness, you can go to “Settings” > “Bios” and choose the most appropriate path.

    With all the money spent, you’re almost ready to play great PlayStation games! But before doing anything else, make sure that the appearance,controller and graphic plugins meet your requirements.

    Open PCSX Reloaded and open the settings menu by simply selecting PCSX Reloaded > Settings (or pressing Cmd+). Then select Plugins.

    Note. Make sure everything is disabled in the emulation tab as some of these alternatives available can cause PCSX Reloaded to burn. Don’t worry, the emulator will work without checking those versions.

    Here you can select and configure PCSX plugins. Select a plugin and customize the device controls and settings to your liking. Audio and graphics plugins should work fine on your Via Mac with these default settings.

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