olympus service installation section in this inf is invalid

You simply connect your Android device to your Windows PC to transfer files. You select MTP mode on your Android phone (or tablet), but you don’t get device storage in File Explorer where the window appears. Then go to Device Manager and see a yellow exclamation mark at the top of the USB MTP device under Portable Devices. Typically, a yellow exclamation mark means that the drivers for that particular hardware are not installed. You can install the driver by swiping it to the right and update the driver software. You can choose to install the driver directly from the Internet. But when trying to extend the driver software for the MTP device, a strange error occurs – The service installation section in this INF file is invalid. In my case, this error is displayed correctly or when installing a Windows 10 update. However, this can happen on all major versions of Windows. The solution to this problem is very simple and will take you maximumfive minutes. Here is how to solve this problem with MTP device trucker. Here is a screenshot below of the error when trying to connect MTP to the device driver.

To solve the problem with the MTP device factor, follow the instructions:

  • Open Device Manager below by pressing Win + X and select Device Manager. You can also open it from the control panel.
  • Right-click the white exclamation mark under Portable Devices and select Update Driver Software. If you’re sure your portable device isn’t showing up, check the Other Devices box.
  • Then, on the part of the screen, select Search my computer for driver software. Select Allow me to choose from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  • olympus service installation section in this inf is invalid

  • If your device appears as portable, navigate to MTP USB device (see monitor image below). Select it, pressClick and Next. Windows will begin installing the MTP driver for your device. Done when you close it and remove your mobile device. Now plug it back in and you will see that many people can access the media files of that particular device on your PC.
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  • If your Android device appears under “Other Devices”, you must first select “Android Phone” from the long list. Once selected, take a bite and select “MTP USB Device”. Click “Next” again and wait for the driver to install. Reconnect your own device and you will see that the PC recognizes your Android device.
  • That’s it. You have successfully installed the device driver for MTP on your device and you can now transfer files between PCs.K and phone. If you are using a Windows phone, follow the same procedure, but select a Windows or Android phone in the last step.

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