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You should read these fix recommendations when you receive the microsoft blue screen error code error.

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    How do I find the blue screen error code?

    On the left side of this window, select Windows Logs.You will see the number in the subcategories. When you select one of these different categories, a row of all event logs appears in the middle of the screen.All BSOD errors are called “Error”.Double-click any found errors to view them.

    If you are on a specific private connection, eg. B. Home buyers can run an antivirus scan on your device to make sure the devices are not infected with malware.

    If most people are in the office or on a network with an answering machine, you can ask your network administrator to run a scan near the network for misconfigured or simply infected devices.


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    Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) Errors Indicate A Hardware Error In Windows (probably A Driver). If You Are Experiencing All Blue Screen, You Can Use This Guide To Determine The Evolution And Solution…

    Whats windows stop code?

    The STOP access code, often referred to as the error checking code, is a choice that uniquely identifies a particular STOP (blue screen of death) error. Sometimes the safest thing a computer can do when faced with a dilemma is to stop and keep going. In this case, the STOP rule is often displayed.

    Blue Screen Errors (also known as Blue Screens of Death) are “fatal” errors in Windows that are only caused by faulty drivers…

    The old version of what I would say was a blue screen – now only replaced in Windows 8 and 10

    Despite the problem, it’s important to note that the blue screen is still NOT the culprit. The error is definitely caused by a deeper error in the system.

    REAL is just the “STOP” error code displayed at the bottom of the screen:

    The trick to dealing with blue screen errors (of any kind) is to make sure you don’t mind causing them, and then make sure you can fix them.

    The most urgent step is to find out the output code and its meaning.

    microsoft blue screen error codes

    This guide will describe ALL of the current STOP codes common in 2017/2018 and give a brief summary of how to solve them…

    Introduction And Overview

    You can usually tell if a problem is really driver related by looking at the *.sys file:

    How do I fix windows blue screen error?

    Click on advanced launch option.Click on alternative troubleshooter.Click the Advanced Options button.Click on the System Restore option.Select your account.Confirm your account password.Press “Next”.Press “Next”.

    If the drivers are NOT your fault, there is probably a conflict between your operating system (Windows) and the underlying hardware in your system.

    In almost all cases, the solution depends on the cause of the error and how to fix it. The following steps detail how to resolve these inconsistencies on all versions of Windows (including Windows †´

    The main ones are codes that are present in all versions of Windows…

    If you need to fix a specific bug, pleasespecial training or guidance is recommended.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open ASR Pro and click the "Scan" button
  • 3. Click the "Restore" button to start the restoration process

  • While we’ve covered most of the BSOD errors here, the general nature of the article means we should be fairly brief on the specifics – just showing tips to help determine the form of the error in addition to the “solution”. ..

    STOP CODES 2017-2018

    The following is almost always a list of the most common STOP (blue screen) errors
    appearing in Windows 7/8/10…

    ðÿš0x000000c2 BAD_POOL_CALLER
    in ¸¸ 0x000000c6 driver_caught_modify_freed_pool
    Ÿ” Timer_OR_DPC_Invalid
    ¸¸ 0x000000c8 0x000000c7 IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE < br> â-¸¸ 0x000000C9 DRIVER_VERIFIER_IOMANAGER_VIOLATION
    DYS ~ 0x000000CA pnp_detected_fatal_error

    ð’0x000000f1 scsi_verififier_détikeected_violation <¢ 0x000000f3 Disordly_shutdown
    ðÿ® μ0x000000f4 Critical_Object_Termination
    > “I 0x000000f5 Flatmgr_file_system
    DY 0x000000f6 PCI_VERIFIERE_Détite_violation
    ð ÿ 0x0000f7 pilote_overran_stack_buffer
    DYZ 0x0000F8 of RAMDisk_Boot_Initialization_Failed do” do ° 0x000000f9 driver_returned_status_reparse_for_volume
    »š0x000000fa http_driver_warorsted
    ‰ ‰ 0x000000fc Versuch_execute_of_noexecute_memory

    do <0x00000100 loader_block_mismatch
    DYZ ¥ 0x00000103 MUP_FILE_SYSTEM
    DYS <0x00000104 AGP_INVALID_ACCESS
    ðÿŽ³0x00000105 AGP_GART_CORRUPTION
    `í AGP_ILLEGALLY_REPROGRAMMED 0x00000106 0x00000108 0x00000109
    -0x0000010e Video_Memory_Management_Internal
    DYS “0x0000010f recursive_nmi
    ay” 0x00000112 0x00000111 • Ressourcen_Manager_Exception_Not_Hechnlich
    ay ¸ 0x00000113 Video_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR
    𠟜0x00000114 Video_Shadow_Driver_Fatal_Error
    ~ “i 0x00000115 AGP_Internal
    dy” 0x00000116 0x00000117 Video_tdr_error
    Timeoutted Video_error_t 0x00000119 Video_scheduler_internal_Error
    AY 0x0000011A em_initialization_fai ļ bait ÿÿ ‘0x0000011b driver_reurned_holding_ contment_lock
    ÿÿžž²0x0000011c trues_write_to_cm_protected_storage
    ÿÿÿ <0x0000011d event_tracce_fat_error

    microsoft blue screen error codes

    dys † 0x00000001 APC_INDEX_MISMATCH
    DY “±0x00000002 Device_Queue_not_busy
    DY” | 0x00000003 Invalid_affinity_set ¸¸ Invalid_process_attach ðÿ’0x00000006 Invalid_Process_detach_AtT. > ÐÿŽ§0x00000008 IRQL_NOT_DISPATCH_LEVEL
    ðÿœ 0x00000009 IRQL_NOT_GREATER_OR_EQUAL
    doo doo “0x0000000A IRQL_NOT_LESS_OURS_EQUAL
    ay” 0x0000000B no_exception_handling_support
    ðÿ’¾0x0000000c maximal_wait_objects_exeged
    ay “¡0x0000000D mutex_level_number_violation
    ay” 0x0000000e no_user_mode_context
    DY “¼0x0000000f spin_lock_already_owned

    0x00000010 0x00000011 spin_lock_not_own

    Obviously, the importance of these obstacles is not as important as unique solutions.

    The following section explains how to fix attachment errors that randomly indicate a blue screen (BSOD)†´

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    Dépannage Des Codes D’erreur D’écran Bleu Microsoft
    Microsoft 블루 스크린 오류 코드 문제 해결사
    Устранение неполадок кода ошибки Microsoft Blue Screen
    Microsoft Bluescreen-Fehlercode-Fehlerbehebung
    Microsoft Blue Screen Error Code Troubleshooter
    Microsoft Blue Screen Felkod Felsökningsverktyg
    Solucionador De Problemas De Código De Error De Pantalla Azul De Microsoft
    Solucionador De Problemas De Código De Erro De Tela Azul Da Microsoft
    Risoluzione Dei Problemi Relativi Al Codice Di Errore Della Schermata Blu Di Microsoft
    Narzędzie Do Rozwiązywania Problemów Z Kodem Błędu Niebieskiego Ekranu Firmy Microsoft