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    Here are some easy ways that can help you troubleshoot EDM error sources. Internal EDM errors can now be thought of as zero errors, gross errors, cycle errors, etc. This can occur due to a number of instrument and reflector failures. On the other hand, external complications are caused by atmospheric refraction.

    edm error sources

    The main purpose of this work is to study the sources of errors and their influence on the measured distance in electronic reflectorless distance measurements (EDM). The results of field studies previously conducted by a number of authors do not provide a complete answer to this question. Therefore, this work is a theoretical analysis, supplemented by data from field studies obtained from second authors. The following error sources will be described: target color and homogeneous material effects, atmospheric correction, edm centering error, column divergence, and instrumental errors. The results of theoretical analysis usually resolve the issue of the source of error in reflectorless EDM measurements. These results are generally consistent with the positive effect of out tests.

    What are the sources of error in total station?

    Horizontal boxLimation as well as line of sight error is present while line of sight contrasts with the tilt axis perpendicular to the instrument. This is a fantastic axial error. Line of sight errors affect horizontal angle measurements and increase with tilt.

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    … In this regard, monitoring systems are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to directly investigate design-specific parameters in a continuous mode and evaluate them with design parameters [ 2 ] []. 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20]. This is not only useful for improving safety, but also supports maintenance operations. …

    edm error sources

    … For estimates of the total displacement of the station’s position, the main calculated values ​​of the parameters were in the range from 2.86 to 4.65, which indicates the expected errors in the calculations. Single precisions have low values. . For greater stability of the calculation, it is correct to accurately determine the errors of the average rank distance and the horizontal and upper and lower angles separately for each situation is [5,13,17]. …Authors

    and build a new roof. The complex design of the factory threshold and the cover, made in the form of a technical fabric membrane, required (for landscaping reasons) the installation of a unit with devices that allow daily geodetic monitoring of the plant. Seizure-related monitoring in the case of technical kitchen appliances of the design complex allows to achieve increased safety of their use. Geodetic lengths made (for this purpose) require (to be useful) considerable accuracy, with full automation making the check independent of human error, but using reference points. The main element of the presented product is a motorized total station used to determine the movements of the roofing, and additional elements, as a rule, are vibration and temperature sensors, as well as an environmental monitoring station. The data loggers of the entire plant are connected to a data center, which speeds upNo archiving of measurements and final results and their analysis. The situation arising in the analyzed object is likely to be a relatively unstable station (depending on natural fluctuations). Thus, the solution implemented for Opera Leśna Sopot assumes that most of them will have to take measurements relative to control points before taking measurements at the control points. Based on these measurements, the coordinates and distance vectors of the total station at each measurement epoch are usually checked, as well as analyzes are carried out, which are most often associated with an appropriate level of accuracy. The solution to this problem can be useful for monitoring mobile upgrades or relocations. The article draws attention to the problem of survey accuracy. For this specific purpose, detailed preliminary analyzes were carried out. They made it possible to determine the expected deviations of the position of the benchmark, the geometry of the designed network and the role of the total station for some options: with and without taking into account the erroneous position of the benchmark.


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    … The first group includes the technical parameters of the device, the constancy of B. carrier, etc. e. Measurement path properties include measurement distance and environmental conditions [7,8]. The last element is actually the target. …

    What is EDM and its principles?

    Principle of EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement) Electronic Duration Measurement (EDM) is a technique related to determining the length between two components using phase transitions that occur as waves of electromagnetic energy propagating from one end of a line to the other.

    Recent years have been characterized by the dynamic development of geodetic methods and techniques. These include reflectorless electromagnetic distance measurement (RL EDM) which can be used in a range of machines, including total stations. Studies of the effect of specular surface on RL-EDM accuracy usually focus on the color of the measuring surface, while the effect of density and thicker materials is usually neglected. Thus, up to the present study, 53 samples were examined, representing different materials with different main characteristics: color, surface type and appearance. The results show that dark surfaces, although matte, cause a higher RL EDM than light ones.shiny materials. However, 76% pThe results matched the specifications of the device. In addition, it could be determined that pattern density has a significant impact on this overall accuracy. RL EDM for EPS (polystyrene foam sheet, a low density material, hereinafter referred to as polystyrene) was associated with a higher failure rate. This shows that measurements at the end of the line and laser scanning should be done with care, especially for materials with low density (eg Styrofoam) and over short distances, the value of the relative position error is still high.

    Which sources of errors in may be available during total station surveying?

    circle eccentricity.Total station horizontal collimation error.The value of the standard error of the total station.Total station step error.Total station vertical circle error.Leveling error in total station.Uneven heating of the tool.vibration.

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