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    It’s worth checking out these recovery ideas if you’re getting a dos 7.1 boot disk ISO error code on your computer.

    Release Notes

    MS-DOS “7.1” CDU is a popular custom build related to MS-DOS and useful utilities developed by the DOS Union of China. This special collection is designed to help users who want to install an advanced MS-DOS environment from a CD or a specific set of floppy disks with reasonable effort.

    I would say that the base version of DOS is the same for running Windows 95B and Windows 98, which unfortunately includes support for the FAT32 file system and long filenames.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that this compilation is not a Microsoft release, the home page is provided for your convenience, although some people may find this device useful.

    MS-DOS 7.(Windows 0 95 RTM), MS-DOS 7.1, (Windows 95 OSR2.x and 98), and the stripped-down ms-dos.0 8 (Windows ME) were never even released as separate products Microsoft.

    dos 7.1 boot disk iso does not support modified/changed builds, but be aware that this customization has been found useful by the community.

    Installation Instructions

    If Windows 3.x users want toIf you do not use this version, be sure to disable LFN, as various features most commonly associated with 3.x cause errors in DOS and then cause programs to crash unexpectedly. This version can be installed from CD or floppy, both of which are located below

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    works better on my virtualbox

    For people stuck on “Invalid system drive” after reboot because drive C: was not recognized at the time, you can check it with fdisk and format with Critical: Timothy Heironimus

    dos 7.1 boot disk iso

    Very good

    This is good, great!
    Works around virtualbox!
    This is a very good download

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open ASR Pro and click the "Scan" button
  • 3. Click the "Restore" button to start the restoration process

  • Works fine, but…….

    I got it for a VM but in explorer it says I have a dvd drive loaded lol

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