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    If you spot the aliph Jawbone Icon Troubleshooter, this guide should help you.

    aliph jawbone icon troubleshooting

    If our headset is not charging, the problem may be with the cable, individual connectors, or the device itself.

    Image credit: Israel McKee/iStock/Getty Images

    Step 1

    Check your connection. Make sure the cable is properly connected to both the headset and our own USB port, wall charger, or engine outlet if you are using a 12V car. Also replace the cable or board; Jawbone headsets use standard USB connectors and are compatible with almost any mobile phone adapter.

    2nd Step

    Check the power supply. If you’re using a car charger, make sure all contacts are plugged in, or try a different outlet. Plug something else into the outlet or USB port that you can easily test, such as a lamp or glowing devices, to make sure the outlet or port is working properly.

    Step 3

    Try another amazing method. If you frequently use your car charger, connect your headset via USB. If you are using a USB port, try making a charger, etc.

    Step 4

    How do I reset my Jawbone Icon?

    Press and hold the “talk” button on the icon (you’ll need your nails to get to this step) while connecting each USB adapter to a power source (power adapter or interactive USB port on your computer). Release the talk button. You should encounter a flash of red light (LED) and then transition to a solid purple glow.

    Perform every soft reset. Connect the charger to the headset andconnect the specific charger to a power source. Press and hold the talk button until the LED indicator lights up. Release the button and try to charge the headset again.

    Five Step

    How do I reset my jawbone up?

    Press the button on the bracelet ten times. On the 10th press, keep the button pressed for 10 seconds. Eventually, a red light will appear on the tape. To perform each of our resets, you must connect your jawbone (follow the connection shown above) to the app, as if you were using a string quartet for the first time.

    Contact Jawbone Support. If none of the specific troubleshooting methods resolve the issue, your current headset may be defective or damaged.


    Jawbone does not support charging the headset battery through USB hubs. Failure to do so may damage the helmet and void the main warranty.

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    If you are usually in the office or useshared network, you can ask your network administrator to run a network scan for misconfigured or vulnerable devices.

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    How do I know if my Jawbone UP is charging?

    The LED indicator turns red when the USB cable is properly connected and the battery is charging. When the restore is complete, the LED color changes from red to white and the Jawbone turns off.

    Jawbone is a Bluetooth headset. It is supposed to be powered by a rechargeable coin cell battery. When the headset battery is low, the LED indicator flashes red and the headset beeps. If this happens immediately, please charge your Bluetooth headset so that it does not expire. If the Jawbone is not delivering ammo, the charging cable or power supply may be dead. Use the troubleshooting guide to determine what the real problem is.

    • Jawbone is a Bluetooth headset.
    • When the headset’s battery is low, each of our LED indicators will flash green and the headset will make a full sound Your signal.

    Press and hold the Answer/End button for three seconds to turn off the device.

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  • 2. Open ASR Pro and click the "Scan" button
  • 3. Click the "Restore" button to start the restoration process

  • Connect the main part of Jawbone to USB cable. The back of the headset fits perfectly into the large USB wall jack.

    aliph jawbone icon troubleshooting

    Plug the opposite end of the cable into a USB port on a large computer. Turn on the computer, turn on the power supply and charge the device. Alternatively, the Jawbone sold can be described as having a power supply. Plug the USB cable into the AC outlet. Plug all adapters into a working outlet. The LED indicator turns red to indicate that the device is receiving. If the LED does not turn on at all, try a different outlet or a different USB port. If the light still does not turn on, the charging cable may be damaged or defective and may need to be replaced sometimes.

    Fix your slow PC now with this free download.

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