Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Recently, some users reported to us that they encountered Access 2007 error 2455.

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    Fixed: Error 2455 – Invalid Reference To All Form/report Properties.

    Sometimes I get an important error:
    Error 2455: Invalid form/report website link
    In this line:
    [Forms]![FormularName]![SubFormName].Form.RecordSource implies sql_query

    This will never happen unless the model is opened in the design mode in which it is run. When it does, it usually works well. The error occurs only intermittently (and there is no way to know when). If this is the case, when I stop the execution and start the web form again, it throws an error every time! But when I close design mode and then reactivate the form everything is fine (???)

    If you have any ideas please let me know… you

    Thanks, I have a guy with a subreport that’s been working great for a few months now. This form is called “RAMandLRAM” and the report is called “rRAM10x10” (planned to be renamed), but let’s get back to the form. And “frame” describes “rRAM” for convenience. FRAM is likely to be opened as a popup The main form by clicking a button on another form called “fHighRisk” (fHighRisk was a subform of “fRiskAssessmentTest”). I’ve only recently started to improve the code in fRAM because I’ve become much better/accustomed to VBA since its inception. I checked everything I improved/replaced and added, moving on to the next one. As a result, I was able to isolate the problems that occurred. The last thing I know before I get your error is to add a “Screen using.ActiveControl.Name” form start check method and change the fRAM tab order to match . After adding some code that would become fRAM, I opened it in Form Read to make sure there were no jams or errors. I then omitted fHighRisk and added two more buttons opened in fRAM, whose names ensure that when the form is opened, the order of the tabs will be changed. I quickly checked to see if those buttons worked, and there was an error.

    “Error 2455: You moved an expression that has an invalid reference to a form or report property”

    The error occurs on some lines that have a problem with the record source of a particular rRAM subreport, but not all of them are related to it.


    I.rRAM10x10.Report.Dataset source ="tRAM10x10"
    Removing this code, which I created before this error occurred, does not fix most errors. The code looks like this:
    (NOTE that instead I added “fhighrisk” to the parent form -> recorded the subform steps for testing purposes)


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  • IfCurrent project.All shapes("fHigh Risk").Color="#303336">Loaded =RightThen    IfScreen.ActiveControl. Name color="#303336">="btnRAMimpact"Next        I.btnForFocus.TabIndex =0    Color="#101094">ElseIfScreen.ActiveControl. Name =Then"btnRAMlhood"        I.TabIndex.Color="#303336">TabIndex< span =0    Endif EndIf

    I’ve done some research and all I’ve found on your error says it’s because the parent form (fRAM in this incident) has no entries in its dataset. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think this is usually the case. fRAM is not a form that focuses on a table/query etc. It’s just a means by which you can control. More on this later.

    I also did some troubleshooting and found the following:
    So, all the write sources I put in rRAM are useful. They have not changed, they were, and some of the correct data remained.
    Out of all the lines, if I comment out the ones that give me some kind of error and try to access fRAM, the form opens, but the whole form is empty for some reason. All controls (buttons/shortcuts, etc.) are gone, even though visible human properties are “yes” to ranking.
    – If you dAdd the “Explicit” option if you want, the module will not offer other information. (After adding it, Access yelled at me for not declaring most of the variables in my For loops, but then came back with the same error on the same lines)

    The Open fRAM event provides the correct labels for form controls and nothing more. It also calls the public bass speakers “Update” and “Enable” which is where I get all the errors. Commenting out these calls does not prevent the error. Note that the error may appear on lines where some report record sources are changed in the Update and Include subsections (see case above) (these lines of code appear only in these two subsections). I can now post more code to Update, Include with as requested, but both are quite long and inefficiently built, which again explains why I only posted s5620 with the error. (Inefficient because I use long IF loops and case sensitivity instead of simpler and more efficient methods since I was new to VBA when I createdshaft your sections)

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